First Three Days – London to Portsmouth and through Brittany

This is a slightly experimental first post from phone app. Hope it all works…

Well, off to a decent start; 309km or 193miles in three days, and out of the UK and into France. Slept on the ferry, in a wood, and now in a campsite. No discernible differences other than the herd of deer stripping bark from the trees all night. Not on the ferry, obviously.

Nearly starved when France closed down entirely yesterday (Bastille Day), but that’s as close to disaster as I’ve yet come. Met lots of friendly French people, some of whom were strangely concerned with my mental state.

And enjoyed beautiful Brittany; now aiming to cross the Loire tomorrow.

Please accept apols for the blog, btw. Think you can only follow if you’re on a computer at the minute… Will have to wait for a rest day to try and sort it. There were going to be some pics, but taking forever to upload; will put some up when I’ve a better connection.

Thanks, all, for the nice comments here and on Facebook. Will hopefully add a proper update soon.

UPDATE – looks like one of the pics made it after all. This is my nephew Tom making sure I left from Greenwich on Sunday.



  1. Well done Tim. I can get your blog fine on my phone. Looking forward to seeing some photos soon. Sleeping in the woods reminds me of the time we did that 24 mile walk over the north downs and slept in the woods with that guy who slept in a cocoon type sleeping bag thing. Can’t remember his name though. Good times.

    1. Nice one. Don’t think there’s a ‘follow’ button on the phone, though? Anyway… Remember the woods – I’m in a hammock this time (tent for fields). Will be useful if I get press-ganged into someone’s navy too πŸ˜‰

  2. Well done old fruit! Congratulations on getting underway on your journey and putting your plans into action. I will be checking into your appropriately named blog for some inspiration and suitably dicey tales! Embrace the fear!

  3. Blimey, we were in Corsica for Bastille Day and we almost starved too. Mind you we had a villa and a pool to go back to so slightly different experience for us! Still extremely jelous of your trip though cuz, I’ll be keeping a close eye on the blog and have fun!

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