The Bike Rides

This site began in 2014 to chronicle one bike ride around the world.

Things have changed, and the site needed re-organising a bit to reflect this.

The three pages below this one in the menu summarise the three ‘big’ rides I’ve been involved with over the last while.  At the time of writing (November 2015), two of these are complete, and the third is about to start.  There are maps (of either actual or projected routes), stats and so on for each ride.


All of these are unsupported, solo bicycle tours.  Which helps to explain why I don’t average a hundred miles a day, or twenty miles an hour.  There’s no support van or logistical back-up; if I have a problem, I need to sort it myself, or it doesn’t get sorted.

As a result, I carry a lot of stuff (more than most touring cyclists, but considerably less than others).  Tent, sleeping and eating stuff, winter and summer clothes, tools, spares etc etc etc.  Which slows things down a bit.  Fully loaded, the bike plus bags comes in at around 40 kg (90 lb).  Add water at 1 kg per litre, and you’re not going to be rushing up hills very quickly.



Round-the-World Part 1 covers the period from July 2014 to March 2015.  This is the time from starting out from London to the temporary medical suspension of cycling activity caused by a Thai truck.  Blog posts for this period can be accessed in the archives for the relevant months.  This ride is complete.

The Full End-to-End covers my 1100 mile rehabilitation ride in August / September 2015.  This ride was the full length of the UK, from the Isles of Scilly to Shetland.  Blog posts for this period can be accessed in the archives for the relevant months.  This ride is complete.


Round-the-World Part 2 will start in December 2015.  This section shows the most likely planned route from Vietnam back to the UK.  If there’s anything I’ve learned from cycle touring, however, it’s that the final ride will probably bear only a passing resemblance to the plan.  This ride will be updated as it progresses, on the ‘Progress’ page, amazingly.



  1. If i’m in France when you finish, let’s meet again, it would be wonderful ! Enjoy Australia and mind the crocodiles, cobras and other jumping kangaroos ! Marie

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