On 13th July 2014, a younger, chubbier version of me set off from Greenwich (on the Prime Meridian in London) to ride a bicycle around the world.

When I started, this site was intended to document the triumphant progress of a several-years-long trip to every continent, with the possible exception of Antarctica.  It hasn’t quite worked out like that, for a number of reasons.  If you want to know the whys and wherefores, you’ll have to dip into the archives to work things out.  But I did, eventually, make it around the world in 2016.

IMG_2365 Edit

The Round the World (‘RTW’) trip ended up in two parts, primarily because my shoulder blade and collar bone both ended up in three parts.  And various other bits got moved around, cracked, or otherwise damaged.  So I ‘had to’ ride the length of the UK in 2015 to check that I was in good enough nick to have a good go at Part 2 of the RTW.

So, as well as places like this…

IMG_1210 Edit

and this…

20160226RTW_3 Edit

…there are also some journeys closer to home in the archive.  Like around here:


After slightly more time off the road than intended, I was all set to ride the length of South America this year (2020).  Having packed in work, built a perfect touring bike, and gathered sufficient funds, the whole thing was scuppered by Covid-19, just a couple of days before I was due to start in March.

After lockdown (or, as seems increasingly likely, lockdown number 1), I looked at the bike, the bank account, and the current state of the world, and decided that the only logical thing was to try to do a lap of the UK on a touring bike.  No quarantine or cancelled flights to worry about.  Just the constantly shifting rules and occasional local lockdowns to dodge on the way around.

This blog is now the story of the Covid Tour of the UK 2020.  I’m enjoying being back on the road so far.  I hope you enjoy reading about it…



      1. I don’t think I have your number anymore. Can you drop me a text on 07736582889

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