RTW Progress

Round-the-World Ride – Completed 22nd July 2016

This includes Part 1 and Part 2 of the ride (pre and post-accident).

Last Updated: 22 July 2016

Countries Visited:  36.  1 five times: France.  2 three times: Thailand, Croatia.  6 twice: India, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, UK.

Distance on the Bike:  18,043 miles / 29,037 km

Vertical Metres Climbed:  131,306 metres (14.84 times the height of Mount Everest from sea-level)

Punctures: 7

Longest Day:  213km (132 miles) – Uzbekistan Desert

Biggest Day’s Climbing:  2308 vertical metres – Pyrenees

Toughest Day (Highest Toughness Index) – Himalayas – TI 381 (100 = Tough)

And now the map (last update 22 July 2016) – Start in London, head south-west to Portugal, and keep following the red blobs west-ish:



      1. Bike’s doing better than me in the heat. It doesn’t even seem to need six or seven litres of water a day to keep going 😉

    1. Hi – thanks for that! Glad you’re enjoying it.

      If it’s the short, grumpy John, please send him my best. And let him know I’m still waiting for him to come out for a couple of weeks’ riding…

  1. Following the trip with interest. Bumped into Matt Dyde in the Windmill a couple of weeks ago and realised that the last time I was there was when we met for a pre-trip beer.

    It’s great to see that things are going to plan and fascinating to hear about the people you’ve met on the way.

    Technical question – what gears does your bike have? Been reading about the merits of Rohloff hub gears for long distance touring and wondered if that’s what you have.

    Keep safe and look forward to your next epistle……

    1. That beer feels like a lifetime ago; time really seems to stretch out on the road…

      I stuck with a decent derailleur system (Deore XT), cos I know how to fix it (or bodge it with zip-ties if necessary. Rohloff is an extra grand, and is an unserviceable black box.

      I’ve met a few Rohloff users who a really happy with it. My bike is fully compatible, so I might take one if they wanted me to evaluate it 😉

      On the other hand, the XT has done very nearly 4000 miles with no probs so far, so I’m pretty happy…

  2. Hi Tim, we are Peter and Carol Mcarthur of Deeside North Wales. We met you in a Macdonalds in Kingman USA. having another short day . Fantastic to read that you are going well. We met you on 5th of Oct. Keep going and i wil keep up with your progress. Peter and Carol.

  3. Thanks Tim. It does seam a long time but when i saw where you are we thought wow you where going at a fabulous pace. Thanks for the Christmas wishes and we hope you have a great Christmas. Stay Safe and well. Peter and Carol.

  4. Hi Tim!! I’ve been following this blog since then!! Glad to know you are doing well (or at least trying to)!! Keep it up!! Hope our path would cross again…

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