Round-the-World Part 2 – 2015-16

Status: Beginning December 2015

Likely dates: December 2015 to August 2016

This is the rough plan for completing my round-the-world ride.  The start point (Hanoi, Vietnam), and the end point (London) are fixed; the rest is always going to be subject to change.

At the time of writing, it’s still not possible for British Citizens to travel independently in Iran (which would have been my preferred route home).

However, the visa situation in Central Asia, which has been notorious for ages, appears to have eased a little.  This helps to avoid the more unstable areas of the middle-east.  And the Uzbek desert should still be fairly cool by the time I get there.  So this is the current thinking about my likely route home from Vietnam:

As it stands, this will be a bit over 20 countries, and around 8500-9000 miles (approximately 15000 km).

Should be a doddle.  You can check progress on, amazingly, the Progress page.