Well, I got hit by a truck.

From behind.  Cowardly truck…

I’ve spent the last 48 hours or so in hospital, mostly comically spaced-out on painkillers: 

Sadly, this means the trip’s over.

Happily, I’m still alive, with only a smashed collar-bone and some heavy bruising and scratches to show for it.

The Beast’s at a police station in unknown condition (guessing not good).

Will update you on how things are in another few days.

And what happens next, of course 😉 



  1. Bugger!!
    I can empathise. I’ve been on the receiving end of the same treatment – the truck, a car door, a learner driver and others.
    I hope the injuries get better soon.
    Maybe the trip has a chance of continuing in some form, some time.
    If I had known you were doing this I might have joined you form some New Zealand sections.
    Take care and get well soon.
    Have been enjoying the blog!!

    Jonathan (Jonny)

    1. Wow – been a long time, mate. Never nice, especially when someone else’s fault. Can’t remember it, thankfully… NZ was great; would definitely recommend it. And you’re right – in some form, some time. Got to finish it off having got this far 😉

  2. Good grief!!
    So glad you are in one piece, although broken & bruised in places.
    Love to you Tim. Get well soon,
    Cordelia, Neil,Thomas andNicholas xx

  3. Tim,

    I’m gutted for you but pleased you survived!!

    Take care old chap,


    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Thanks! Hope this doesn’t put you off riding – it’s just one of those things (could have been hit walking across the road just as easily).

  4. Bloody truckers! Wishing you a speedy recovery old bean. I hope there are plenty of thai valium to help ease the pain. Focus on how good that first cider is going to taste when you are up on your feet and heading to the bar!

    1. Thanks, Dave.

      It’s a shame, as the truckers have generally been really considerate pretty much everywhere. What’s unfortunate is that Thailand seems to be a real blackspot for touring cyclists; I’ve had a few links to cycling accidents there (incluing three fairly recent fatalities). It seems to be worse than everywhere around there for some reason…

      Am focused on the cider (idyllic pub by river, sitting outside in the sunshine, etc etc). But reckon it’s best to leave it til after the operation 😉

  5. Hi Tim,

    Just another quick message to say that we are all thinking of you, and hope that you are recovering well.

    Love from Cordelia, Neil, Thomas and Nicholas xx

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